Random Images

Random images from the Body and Soul Area of Electric Picnic, 2011.The Bare Soled Fools from The Dunamaise Arts Centre

The First Two People to Interact with the Honeycomb.

These were the first two people to engage in the Honeycomb (on the the first day of Electric Picnic the 2nd September 2011) by altering the colour sequence to put two ‘green’ eyes into a blue honeycomb!

Acknowledgment and Thanks.

The artists involved in the Honeycomb Project sincerely wish to thank and acknowledge all the help and support from family, friends and the wide community of Stradbally, who helped in various ways to realise this project. With a special mention to AES Athy, Niamh...

“The Most Interactive Art Work Ever At Electric Picnic…..”

There was a wonderful reaction to the Honeycomb yesterday (the first day of Electric Picnic). Everyone wanted to be photographed along side it especially when it got dark. Lots of people were using it as a landmark and a meeting point, people embraced and kissed, it...

The Day After….

We had a wonderful day of fun and interaction…adults and children made their own individual colour patterns and designs.