Kildare Artists Notebook project 2014
Official opening by Dr Maebh O’Regan
SATURDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2014, 18.30pm
I am one of over 200 artists from around the world who
have donated notebooks – sometimes reluctantly as notebooks are often very personal and private. However, seeing the notebooks displayed collectively allows participants to experience how an individual thing becomes greater in the shared experience.





 There is a spirit of great generosity behind the Kildare Artist Notebook Project. It begins with the act of giving a blank A5 Moleskin notebook to an artist. It ends with the completed notebook being returned. And so each notebook is a reciprocal gift. From this doubled magnanimity everything in the project flows.
There is little that is more tempting and more terrifying than a blank notebook – it is full of promise and potential; it is difficult to begin, to break the blankness of the first page with a mark or incision. And it is almost impossible to finish. But these notebooks are beautifully complete. Individually they are insights into how each artists imagines their process of making and crafting’. Dr Colin Graham – April 2014. See more: