I have just completed a week long summer course with my teacher partner Breeda Kenny in Navan Education Centre on Teacher Artist Partnership. We co-presented on our Artist Teacher Residency project which took place last year (2016) in St Kilian’s NS. We had a wonderful creative group of participants last week, both teachers and artists, what a joy to work alongside you all. This summer course was on supporting and enhancing arts education in schools. Supported by the Department of Education and Skills, Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund.

artist/teacher partnership

Bridge building session, Navan Education Centre 2017

This Artist/ Teacher Residency Project took place in 21 primary schools nationally and in 21 Education Centres  hosted the Summer Course as detailed above on Artist / Teacher Partnership as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD). course. This CPD will run again in 2018. It is hoped that funding will be secured to allow a number of artist/ teacher residencies in 2017-2018 as a follow on to this summer course. I will update this blog when the next stage has been confirmed. A big thank you to me teacher partner Breeda.

paper weaving

Partnership weaving session


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