The projects aim and objective was to develop a logo for the Family and Children Services Centre in Balgaddy, Lucan. The logo will be developed in response to a creative exchange between artist and community, adults and children, to give a unique visual identity to the centre.

The plan was to facilitate the creative context and support within the community to collaboratively develop a logo for the centre.

This collaborative exchange will take the form of some outdoor creative workshops with the community, young and old, using a variety of mixed media. The workshops sessions will develop relationships and ideas with an emphasis on fun and creative interaction. Some fun colour games will be introduced to identify their most popular  colour choices. The creative works will reflect what the centre means to the community, in colourful visual formats.

These interactive workshops will form the basis for the logo. The participants thoughts and creative ideas will be further explored and developed to create a conceptual logo for the centre. The final artwork will be aesthetically reflective and responsive to the collaborative exchange.

A flavour of the fun…