Barretstown is a specially-designed camp that provides Therapeutic Recreation programmes for children with serious illnesses and their families.

I am just coming to the end of a mentoring and training programme with Kildare Arts Service and Helium in Barretstown Camp. This project ran for about 9 months with approximately 20 artists across many diciplines.

As part of this project, I was very fortunate to work with two drama facilitators Claire and Caroline, to develop and facilitate a Special Camp Workshop for a total of 130 campers. The Enchanted Forest involved improvisation, development of dance, chants, spells and costume making. Each group created their own Enchanted Forest and staged a short performance.

Just magical…what took place in short workshop sessions. Sorry, no photos, everything takes place ( and stays) in a safe environment within the Castle Gates.

This has been an incredible experience both professionally and personally, the magic of Barretstown and the wonderful volunteers has to be experienced.  If interested log on to:

A big thank you to Kildare Arts, Helium Barretstown Camp and all its volunteers and last but not least to all my fellow artists. Looking forward to our next weekend in early November.