Captured moments I and II were developed in response to my time in Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, as Artist in Residence (YPCE 2022-23) supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Captured Moments Video still. Credit: Mark Flagler / FlaglerFilms

Captured Moments were launched on 3rd May 2023 in the School of Education Maynooth College. I had researched Froebelian theory and practice extensively during my residency and explored artists who have been influenced by Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852).

Friedrich Froebel was a German educator and creator of the kindergarten. Froebel created a set of ‘gifts’ and ‘occupations’ to support children’s learning and development in his kindergarten in Germany in the 1840s. The ‘occupations’ include the skills of sewing and paper perforation, which have informed Captured Moments I and II.

Captured Moments description:                                                                                                                          Medium: drawing on tan 283gm card, perforations made using a scribe.                                    Dimensions Captured Moments I: w. 1220mm × h. 920mm x d. 60mm.                                                                                Captured Moments II: w. 920 mm × h. 1220mm x d. 60mm.                                                Frame: wood, off-white                                                                                                                            Display: these artworks require an electric power supply. The work is back lit with LED lights, set within the picture frame, with 13amp plug.

I wishes to acknowledge and thank the Froebel Department staff and students during this residency period for their generous support and engagement.