Early Saturday morning 11th May 2019 and myself and my friend Ena are heading off for an adventurous creative Day. It was a fantastic day, an encaustic painting Masterclass with Isabelle of Wild Fire & Wax using fire and naked flames. This is painting with molten beeswax with different pigments added. The encaustic medium is warmed up on a hot plate and maintained at a temperature of between 150c -175c. Isabelle says ‘encaustic painting possesses wonderful spontaneous virtues of working with texture and colours… the possibilities are endless’! That is so very true and the colours and their vibrancy are outstanding. It is a very speedy and alive process as tooo much flame and the pigmented wax is moving everywhere, I mean everywhere. Well worth a try for some creative excitement. The following were my work completed on the day. Many thanks Isabelle. Next adventure will be to do her exciting Encaustic Vessels workshop.

Encaustic 2, painting on board. 18cm x 18cm


Encaustic painting on board with found paper materials. 18cm x 18cm


Encaustic 3 painting on board. 18cm x 18cm


Encaustic 4 painting on board. 18cm x 18cm