We are in community each time we find a place where we belongPeter F. Block.

The artists currently involved with the ‘honeycomb project’ are Laura Byrne, Pat Byrne, Karen Hendy, Helena Malone, and myself.

Artist impression of honeycomb.

The community is an integral part of our proposed project, with the honeycomb being a buzzing sense of a community working together. We will use this as a metaphor for the project as a whole.

The Honeycomb project is a ‘light recycling’ project that has brought 5 artists from different backgrounds together on one path. With everyone bringing a strong sense of their own practice to the project we unanimously feel it will be a wondrous sight.

Using 3,750 recycled plastic bottles, we will make up the honeycomb in sections of vivid colour. Each octagonal shape requires 16 x 2 litre bottles. Each bottle will have a coloured 2 pronged LED light and 3v battery fitted inside. This process is constructed by hand with the assistance of the local community. The skeleton structure of the honeycomb will be made with wire and the bottles woven into it, this keeps the structure easy to prepare in advance and simple to install in sections. We are currently doing time trials on section assembly to impliment a work plan for construction.