Patty Abozaglo and myself have developed a program entitled Integrating Communities through Visual Arts Body Movement. Participants are invited to gently explore visual arts and body movement with an emphasis on fun and a focus on wellness, connectivity, cultural diversity and inclusion in our community.

The sessions are a combination of visual arts and Laban Dance & Body movement and Capacitar practices (body movement based). This includes working as an individual and as a group and explores a wide variety of materials and movements as a form of self-expression.

My clay spine

Drawing and movement

Patty warming up

Body movement in association with the Jesuit Refugee Service

This is the third year of our successful partnership and community program. To date we have had the great pleasure of working with the community in Newbridge, including those in direct provision, the University of the Third Age in Maynooth and in association with Jesuit Refugee Centre in Dublin. Sincere thanks to Kildare County Council Arts Service and the Jesuit Refugee Centre for their support.

If you are interested in attending our Autumn session get in touch for dates