Off the Wall 2012 by artist Vera McEvoy.
Exploring a columnpan video externally projected onto a wall from a disused Irish clothing mill. I minute extract, non audio, from a 5 minute video. The full video has night time sounds of very distant traffic and bird song. This work is part of a yearlong project.

McEvoy’s work encourages an alternative reality by creating an awareness of the true scale in western developed society of the practice of consumption and of the reproductive value of products and materials. Through a systematic process of intervention of discarded familiar objects, products and materials, McEvoy creates work that examines polarities of scale, large and small, as well as qualities of fragility and robustness.

Through extracting fibres, filaments, strands and constituent parts of used objects, the re-formed work is a constructed re-presentation of the extant processes of consumerism, commodification and consumption. Processes of deconstruction are a primary focus of McEvoy’s work, as she delicately, skillfully, dismantles and reforms aesthetic objects of frail vulnerability imbuing them with strength. Her colourful work incorporates textile, paper, plastic and print and video. Her current work explores themes of recurring deconstruction and re-presentation in relation to old buildings.
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