Shine Part 2 is a 2 minute extract from a 10 minute multilayered audio (part) and visual artwork. Shine was developed as a result of Vera McEvoy’s time spent in King House, Historic & Cultural Centre, Boyle while on the Art@work Artists’ Residency Programme 2012. Art@work is a residential programme where artists, funded by Roscommon County Council Arts Office and the Arts Council of Ireland spend three weeks in a workplace in County Roscommon making artworks inspired by the environment, people, materials or working practices of that workplace.

King House is a place which has impacted on private and public histories, and it is also a site of contemporary life and work. With this in mind Shine represents those who currently work at King House, those who care for the building, its collections and objects. It is about the daily routines of the people, recognising how they move its cultural succession into the future, this in done in a way that is poetic, indirect and somewhat timeless.

Special thanks to John Clapison, Ciara daly, Tommy Egan and musician Katy Attwood.