Texts and Writings


Finding Form In A Fluid Thing, Cristín Leach. Kildare County Council 2023, page 4.

The Virtue of the Real, Aidan Dunne. In Trust. In Gratitude. In Hope. 10 years at the Laois Arthouse, Laois County Council, 2022, page 6-9.

Eggshells, Pandemics and Artists’ Incomes, Vera McEvoy. Visual Artists’ News Sheet, Sep-Oct 2020, page 13.

Glimpses of Escape: your monochrome, my technicolour Vera McEvoy, January 2020.

Áine Phillips Discusses The ‘Snapshots’ Programme at Dingle International Film Festival. Visual Artists’ News Sheet. Sept- Oct 2019. Page 12.

The Rainbow Forest, Art in Public. Visual Artists’ News Sheet. Jan-Feb 2015, page 34.

THE ALUCARD CODE, ‘What is there under your wallpaper?’, Marie Soffe, 2013.

Shifting Perspective in Contemporary Art, the Role of Art, Artist and Participant, Vera C. McEvoy, 2012.

Message In a Bottle, Vera McEvoy discusses her residency at Stradbally, Laois. Visual Artists’ News Sheet, Jan-Feb 2012 page 14.

Honeycomb Project Lights Up Electric Picnic. Midland Arts and Culture Magazine. A review of the Arts in Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. 2011/12 Issue 16, page 15.

Palimpsest Vera McEvoy 2012. A publication of 22 variable prints where each print pulled has had something altered or erased from it but it still bears visible traces of its earlier form. New etching and marks have also been added to each print.