A much brighter light has been switched on inside me. I found a place I belonged and a greater sense of the real me. The person I never fully allowed out to play before. She’s having the time of her life.

Time with Vera was different and new, introducing new concepts and opening up different aspects of life and the world we live in. Thank you.

It was inspirational and easy to work with Vera.

For me the past 12 months has been most enjoyable. I’ve learned so much from Vera. She has given me a greater understanding of Art and how it can be found in all shapes and form…

The past year (allowed) taught me to look at different forms of art in a totally new way and given me the freedom to try it for myself.

Once a week, for two hours I left known time and space. During this time, through Vera’s nurturing I discovered a creativity that I never knew I had.

Vera is a wonderful teacher (person) so dedicated to us all and tries to get the best out of each of us. She gave so much of her own time to the group and we will surely miss our Tuesday mornings with her. She is an inspiration to us all and the energy she generates in her work for us is second to none. She has a great personality and we all have benefited so much by knowing such a wonderful unique person.

I looked forward to class, it was enlightening and opened my eyes to a new way to seeing things. I praise her to the heavens.

This workshop has given me kind of new perspective and meaning to art.

It has been a very good experience and I have learnt many new techniques of ; Arts ;

I would love to have this go on for ever but………..

I mean we did do many things which looked childish in the beginning but it turned out to be quite beautiful in the end.

I wish I could word my feelings better.

For two treasured hours on a Tuesday, the chaos of this world was banished and I embraced the unique creative atmosphere …

I would love to have this go on for ever but………..