Vera McEvoy spent two weeks on an Artist Residency in Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales in 2013. Below are selected images of land art installations developed during that period..

wrapping, land art, site specific

Its a Wrap 2013. Wrapping in Anglesey. Rock and 50 mts cotton


Anglesey, alder trees, cotton, land art.

Alder zone, 2013. Dim. 8mts x 3mts.


land art, cotton and pebbles

Cotton walk, 2013. Anglesey. Dim. 6mts x 1cm.


Anglesey, land art, cotton and sea

Floating 2013. Anglesey. Dim. 6mts x 1cm.


its a wrap, rocks and cotton, land art.

Its a Wrap 2013. Anglesey. 50 mts cotton.


land art, cotton floating, stream in Anglesey

Amlwch, Anglesey 2013.