THE ALUCARD CODE, an exhibition of works, was opened by Dr Declan Long on 6th June 2013 at the birthplace of Bram Stoker, Marino Crescent, Clontarf, Dublin 3. This was a duo exhibition of mixed media and installations works by Vera McEvoy and Frances Nolan.

re-processed wallpapers, Ogham, Bram Stoker Birthplace

Shreds 2013 by Vera McEvoy. Re-processed wallpapers in Ogham. Dim.h.280cm x w. 56cm.



Birthplace of Bram Stoker, Clontarf

Sisters, The ALUCARD Code, 2013. Wire, nails for video production shadows.


Chapter 3, Bram Stoker, Alucard code

Chapter 3, by Frances Nolan. Shorthand in chalk. Dim. h.160cm x w. 280cm



Alucard code exhibition, installation.

Exhibit 6. Found materials, electrical wire, wood, duck tape. Dim. 2mts x 1 mts


Found material, Bram Stoker's birthplace

Exhibit 5. Found materials, curtain fabric. Dim. 50cm x 50cm.